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SacrosTek Systems is a One of the best quality IBM BPM Training center for online, Classroom and Corporate trainings In Hyderabad. We bring the best learning experience for both individuals and organisations through our interactive, customized courses to enhance the skills of millions of IT professionals worldwide, by empowering them with right knowledge and certifications, for better careers.

Course Objectives

What are the Course Objectives?

SacrosTek Systems Provides Best Online Software Training Institute in Hyderabad Best Software Training Institute in Hyderabad, India and USA. Register for Best IBM BPM Training Institute in Hyderabad with Live Project from SacrosTek Systems taught by industry experts puts your career in high gear.

IBM BPM Online Training in Hyderabad delivered at our Sacrostek will help the students towards building knowledge of all the inside-out applications of this domain through our well designed course curriculum.

The major set of course objectives of our IBM BPM Training in Hyderabad include

  • Introduction To IBM Business Process Manager Version 8.X
  • Overview Of IBM Lombardi/IBM BPM
  • Introduction to Process Stake Holders and their Responsibilities
  • Creating IBM BPM Project
  • Delivering knowledge of Building Coaches And Services And Nested Services
  • Driving knowledge to configure a UCA, Define the relationship between message events and UCAs
  • Mapping And Managing Variables
  • Working on real-time industry projects & live case studies

Who should go for this Course?

SacrosTek Systems Provides the best IBM BPM Online Training in Hyderabad Also gave corporate training to different reputed companies. In IBM BPM training all sessions are teaching with examples and with real time scenarios. We are helping in real time how approach job market, IBM BPM Resume preparation, Interview point of preparation, how to solve problem in projects in IBM BPM job environment, information about job market etc. Training also providing classroom Training in Hyderabad and online from anywhere. We provide all recordings for classes, materials, sample resumes, and other important stuff. IBM BPM Online Training in Hyderabad We provide IBM BPM online training through worldwide like India, USA, Japan, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Sweden, South Africa, UAE, Russia,  etc. SacrosTek Systems providing corporate training worldwide depending on Company requirements with well experience real time experts.

Course Curriculum

IBM BPM Online Training Modules Overview

IBM BPM Lombardi Online Training

Introduction To IBM Business Process Manager Version 8.X

  • Business process management and service-oriented architecture
  • BPMN 2.0 Concepts and Examples
  • IBM BPM History and Versions

Overview Of IBM Lombardi/IBM BPM

  • Introduction of Blue Work Live
  • Explaining IBM Process Center Architecture
  • Introduction to Process Stake Holders and their Responsibilities
  • Introduction to IBM BPM Product Components
  • IBM BPM Key Terms and Concepts

Creating IBM BPM Project

  • How to add the User groups and Users and how to grant access Hands on session
  • Explain the Process Package / Tool Kit Package
  • Managing Snapshots and Workspaces

Designing BPD

  • Create a New Process App
  • Creating a BPD and Configuration Setting
  • Adding Lanes to the BPD
  • Assigning Participants
  • Adding activities
  • Establishing process flow lanes

Building Coaches And Services And Nested Services

  • Building Human Services
  • Building Integration Service
  • Building general System Services
  • Implement a service that calls a Java class
  • Implement a service that calls an external Web service

Building An Executable BPDs And Services

  • Using Gateways
  • Implementing Activities
  • Adding Process Variables to BPD
  • Adding events to BPD
  • Setting Environment Variables
  • Validating Processes

Modelling Events

  • Message Events
  • Intermediate Events
  • Timer Events
  • Adhoc Events

Message Events

  • Define Start and Intermediate message events
  • Define the use of a UCA
  • Define the use of a handler service
  • Create a handler service
  • Configure a UCA, Define the relationship between message events and UCAs
  • Start a BPD using a Start message event
  • Use exposed process variables in the decision and modify the values at runtime
  • Intermediate timer
  • List and describe intermediate event types used in Process Designer
  • Model a business process escalation path using an attached intermediate timer event
  • List and describe the functional properties within an intermediate timer event

 Mapping And Managing Variables

  • Variable Declaration and Mappings
  • Custom Variables
  • EPV’S
  • Explain Pre and Post assignments
  • Initializing Complex variable using Java script
  • Making Variables available to process portal search

 Coaches And Coach Views

  • Consume integration data to enable a drop-down menu on a Coach
  • Rapidly create dependent visibility controls
  • Use browser events to drive Coach functionality
  • Implement Ajax controls on a Coach
  • User security & User based access (eg: Configure visibility options to customize Coach appearance based on user role or other conditions)
  • Upload a file to the library & Use a managed file as part of a human or generic system service
  • Identify candidates for hardening & Create patterns for dealing with system errors
  • Rule Engine

Exceptions And Loops

  • Exception handling and loops
  • Create Simple loop in BPD
  • Create multi instance loops

Advance Concepts In IBM BPM

  • Using Embedded java script
  • Using external activities
  • Playback scenarios


  • Introduction to Web API
  • Topics- Performance Data Handling
  • Performance Data handling
  • Scoreboards
  • Reports

Administration Advance Concepts

  • Admin Process console
  • Performance Admin console

IBM BPM project

IBM BPM Administration Training

Core topics of IBM BPM Administration Online Course

  • Course introduction
  • Overview of IBM Business Process Manager Advanced
  • IBM Business Process Manager Advanced architecture overview
  • IBM Business Process Manager Advanced installation
  • Exercise: Configuring the cell
  • Exercise: Installing the IBM HTTP Server
  • Introduction to IBM Process Center
  • Exercise: Exploring IBM Process Center
  • Overview of IBM Process Server
  • IBM Process Server components
  • IBM Process Server deployment topologies
  • Exercise: Creating the clusters
  • Introduction to Business Space
  • Exercise: Configuring Business Space
  • Exercise: Configuring the Process Server component
  • Introduction to the service integration bus
  • Exercise: Configuring the messaging cluster
  • Business process choreography
  • Exercise: Installing and configuring Business Process Choreographer
  • Application deployment concepts
  • Failed event manager overview
  • Exercise: IBM Process Server administration
  • Exercise: Administering Business Space
  • Overview of Performance Data Warehouse
  • Exercise: Configuring the Performance Data Warehouse
  • Overview of deployment scenarios
  • Exercise: Managing offline and online Process Servers
  • IBM Process Server advanced topologies
  • Exercise: Configuring messaging engine policies and transaction log failover
  • Security
  • Exercise: Configuring SSL
  • Exercise: Implementing security with LDAP
  • Problem determination
  • Course summary

Job Opportunities in IBM BPM

It’s an open fact that this is an industry where opportunities are quite plenty. If you have got the right set of skills & qualification, the jobs are waiting for you—now and in the future. To be clearly precise the whole world is facing shortage of skilled experts in this domain & most of the companies are coming forward offering whopping salary packages for the right talented experts who have successfully completed their training certification from a qualified institute. Make the most out of the rising career opportunities in the domain of IBM BPM by availing our SacrosTek Systems complete industry concentric IBM BPM Online Training certification program

SacrosTek Systems offer certification programs for IBM BPM. Certificates are issues on successful completion of the course and the assessment examination. Students are requested to participate in the real-time project program to get first-hand experience on the usage and application of the IBM BPM. The real-time projects are designed by our team of industry experts to help students get best possible exposure to the IBM BPM and its applications.

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