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SacrosTek Systems is a One of the best quality Informartica Admin Training center for online, Classroom and Corporate trainings In Hyderabad. SacrosTek Systems program is tailor-made to suit the working professionals in the industry who are expected to have a shift in their domain or technology as per their career demand. The corporate training courses are customized to meet the project requirements as expected from the corporate trainees across the Globe.

Course Objectives

What are the Course Objectives?

SacrosTek Systems Provides Best Online Software Training Institute in HyderabadBest Software Training Institute in Hyderabad, India and USA. SacrosTek Systems offers Best Informartica Admin Training Institute in Hyderabad from expert trainers with live project and placement assistance.

Informatica Online Training in Hyderabad delivered at our Sacrostek will help the students towards building knowledge of all the inside-out applications of this domain through our well designed course curriculum.

The major set of course objectives of our Informatica Training in Hyderabad include

  • Utilise PowerCenter 10 Designer to build mappings that extract data from a source to a target, transforming it as necessary
  • Deploy PowerCenter transformations to cleanse, format, join, aggregate and route data to appropriate targets
  • Perform error handling/trapping using PowerCenter mappings
  • Working on multiple real-time projects & live industry based case studies

Who should go for this Course?

SacrosTek Systems Provides the best Informartica Admin Online Training in Hyderabad Also gave corporate training to different reputed companies. In Informartica Admin training all sessions are teaching with examples and with real time scenarios. We are helping in real time how approach job market, Informartica Admin Resume preparation, Interview point of preparation, how to solve problem in projects in Informartica Admin job environment, information about job market etc. Training also providing classroom Training in Hyderabad and online from anywhere. We provide all recordings for classes, materials, sample resumes, and other important stuff. Informartica Admin Online Training in Hyderabad We provide Informartica Admin online training through worldwide like India, USA, Japan, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Sweden, South Africa, UAE, Russia,  etc. SacrosTek Systems providing corporate training worldwide depending on Company requirements with well experience real time experts.

Course Curriculum

Informartica Admin Online Training Modules Overview

Informatica PowerCenter Admin Training

Informatica Domain Architecture

  • PowerCenter – Domain
  • PowerCenter – Administration Console
  • PowerCenter – Repository Service
  • PowerCenter – Integration Service

Informatica Nodes/Core Services/Gateway Nodes

  • Service Manager
  • Application Services

Types of Nodes, Common Issues and Troubleshooting

Installation and Configuration

  • Pre Installation Steps & System Pre-Requisites
  • Product Availability Matrix – PAM
  • Download Software
  • Database Installation for Metadata Repository
  • PowerCenter Server Installation
  • Power Center Client Installation
  • Up gradation to 9.6.1

Administration Console

  • List of Services
  • Domain Properties
  • Node Properties
  • Setting up Repository Service
  • Setting up Integration Service
  • Start and Stopping the services
  • Starting and Stopping of Services – IDQ

Informatica Security

  • LDAP Setup
  • Different Roles in a Project
  • Handout for LDAP Configuration
  • Binding a Native User to a Relational Connection

 IDQ Services

  • IDQ MRS (Model Repository Service) Creation
  • IDQ DIS (Data Integration Service) Creation and Properties
  • IDQ Analyst Service
  • IDQ Content Management Service

Web Services

High Availability

  • Features & Configuration
  • Various Situations and Benefits


  • Pre Requisites
  • Is this required for your environment?
  • Configuration Steps 1
  • Resource Configuration
  • Service Levels
  • Load Balance Options
  • Activities – High Availability and Recovery Strategy

Operating System Profiles

License Management


Repository Metadata

Version Upgrades

Informatica PowerCenter Repository Manager

Code Migration

  • Copying objects
  • Deployment Groups
  • Import/Export of objects

Performance Tuning



  • What is use of ETL TESTING?
  • Responsibilities of a ETL Tester

Testing methodologies

  • Smoke Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • System Testing
  • ETL Testing Work Flow Process
  • How to Prepare the ETL Test Plan
  • How to design the Test cases in ETL Testing.
  • How to reporting the Bugs in ETL Testing?
  • ETL Testing Responsibilities;
  • How to detect the bugs through database queries
  • ETL Performing Testing & Performing Tuning

Job Opportunities in Informartica Admin

Who wouldn’t prefer a job that assures a fast paced global career, higher than average perks? The job opportunities in the domain of Informartica Admin are quite plenty. And with the increase in the colossal demand for the qualified experts across the top industries, more & more number of aspirants are planning towards securing their career in this domain. And also in response to the whooping salary packages for the certified professionals in this domain most of the professionals who are working in other prominent technologies are working towards making a career transition into this domain. Informartica Admin Online Training by SacrosTek Systems will set you on the right career path of achieving success in this domain.

SacrosTek Systems offer certification programs for Informartica Admin. Certificates are issues on successful completion of the course and the assessment examination. Students are requested to participate in the real-time project program to get first-hand experience on the usage and application of the Informartica Admin. The real-time projects are designed by our team of industry experts to help students get best possible exposure to the Informartica Admin and its applications.

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