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ABOUT Microsoft Azure Training

SacrosTek Systems is a One of the best quality Microsoft Azure Training center for online, Classroom and Corporate trainings In Hyderabad. We bring the best learning experience for both individuals and organisations through our interactive, customized courses to enhance the skills of millions of IT professionals worldwide, by empowering them with right knowledge and certifications, for better careers.

Course Objectives

What are the Course Objectives?

SacrosTek Systems Provides Best Online Software Training Institute in HyderabadBest Software Training Institute in Hyderabad, India and USA. SacrosTek Systems offers Best Microsoft Azure Training Institute in Hyderabad from expert trainers with live project and placement assistance.

Best Microsoft Azure Admin Online Training in Hyderabad which is being provided by our institute offers different types of learning modules which mainly include:

  • Introduction to Microsoft Azure
  • Introduction to ARM & Azure Storage
  • Introduction to Azure storage
  • Azure Virtual Machines
  • Azure App and Container services
  • Azure Networking – I
  • Azure Networking – II
  • Authentication and Authorization in Azure using RBAC
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Monitoring

Who should go for this Course?

SacrosTek Systems Provides the best Microsoft Azure Online Training in Hyderabad Also gave corporate training to different reputed companies. In Microsoft Azure training all sessions are teaching with examples and with real time scenarios. We are helping in real time how approach job market, Microsoft Azure Resume preparation, Interview point of preparation, how to solve problem in projects in Microsoft Azure job environment, information about job market etc. Training also providing classroom Training in Hyderabad and online from anywhere. We provide all recordings for classes, materials, sample resumes, and other important stuff. Microsoft Azure Online Training in Hyderabad We provide Microsoft Azure online training through worldwide like India, USA, Japan, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Sweden, South Africa, UAE, Russia,  etc. SacrosTek Systems providing corporate training worldwide depending on Company requirements with well experience real time experts.

Course Curriculum

Microsoft Azure Online Training Modules Overview

Module 01 – Introduction to Microsoft Azure

  • Introduction to cloud computing
  • What is Microsoft Azure?
  • Microsoft Azure Services
  • Creating a Microsoft Azure Account
  • Azure CLI, Azure Powershell
  • Managing Azure Resources & Subscriptions
  • Azure Resource Manager
  • Microsoft Azure Architecture

Hands-on Exercise:

  • Creating a Microsoft Azure account
  • Configuring Azure PowerShell
  • Configuring Azure CLI

Module 02 – Introduction to ARM & Azure Storage

  • Azure Resources & Subscriptions
  • Azure Resource Manager
  • Managing Azure Resources
  • Azure Tags
  • Azure Storage Account & its types
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Azure Files Storage
  • Azure File Sync

Hands-on Exercise:

  • Manage Resource Groups in Azure
  • Move resource from one resource group to another
  • Apply tags
  • Create storage account
  • Access storage account
  • Create blob storage
  • Upload in blob storage
  • Create a file share
  • Creating and using CDN Endpoint

Module 03 – Introduction to Azure storage

  • Azure Table Storage
  • Azure Queue Storage
  • Azure Storage Explorer
  • Azure Shared Access Signature (SAS)
  • Azure Databox
  • Azure Storage Replication
  • Data Replication Options
  • Azure Import/Export Service

Hands-on Exercise:

  • Attach & Detach an External Storage Account
  • Storage explorer – Blob, file
  • queues and table storage
  • Backup-archive
  • Backup – Snapshots
  • Backup – AZCopy
  • Azure Shared Access Signature (SAS)
  • use Azure Data Factory Copy Data tool to transfer data to Azure

Module 04 – Azure Virtual Machines

  • Azure Virtual Machines
  • Data Disks in Azure
  • Azure VMs & Interfaces
  • ARM templates
  • VHD templates
  • Custom Images of Azure VM
  • Virtual Machine Scale Sets
  • Virtual Machine Availability Sets

Hands-on Exercise:

  • Creating and Configuring An Azure VM
  • Deploying a custom image of Azure VM
  • Virtual Machine Scale Sets.

Module 05 – Azure App and Container services

  • App Service Web App for Containers
  • App Service plan
  • Networking for an App Service
  • Deployment slots
  • Container image
  • Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Azure Container Registry

Hands-on Exercise:

  • Create an App Service Web App for Containers
  • Create a container image
  • configure Azure Kubernetes Service
  • publish and automate image deployment to the Azure Container Registry

Module 06 – Azure Networking – I

  • Azure Virtual Networks
  • Azure Vnet Components
  • IP Address – Public & Private IPs
  • Azure Vnet Subnets
  • Azure Network Interface Cards (NIC)
  • Network Security Group (NSG)
  • Route Tables
  • Service Tags
  • Azure DNS
  • Private DNS

Hands-on Exercise:

  • Vnet creation
  • Create and configure vnet-vnet peering
  • Verify virtual network connectivity
  • Assign static IP to VM
  • Create route tables
  • Add routes
  • Create NIC
  • Attach NIC to VM
  • Create DNS
  • Add RecordSet
  • Create NSG
  • Add security rule to NSG
  • Attach NSG to subnet
  • Verify NSG is applied

Module 07 – Azure Networking – II

  • Application Gateway
  • Azure Front Door Service
  • Azure Traffic Manager
  • Application Security Groups
  • Azure Load Balancers
  • Azure Firewall
  • Azure Bastion
  • Network Watcher
  • Azure Express Route
  • Express Route Circuits
  • Express Route Peering

Hands-on Exercise:

  • Create internal load balancer
  • Create Public load balancer
  • Application Gateway
  • Implement the Azure Front Door Service
  • implement Azure Traffic Manager
  • Deploy and configure Azure Bastion Service

Module 08 – Authentication and Authorization in Azure using RBAC

  • Identity and Access Management in Azure
  • Role Based Access Management (RBAC)
  • Role Definitions
  • Role Assignment in Azure Resources
  • azure Users & Groups
  • RBAC Policies

Hands-on Exercise:

  • Create a custom role for Azure Resources
  • Assign a role to configure access to Azure resources

Module 09 – Microsoft Azure Active Directory

  • Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
  • Windows AD Vs Azure AD
  • Azure AD Users
  • Azure AD Groups
  • Azure AD Domains
  • Azure AD Tenants
  • Authentication Options
  • Azure AD Connect
  • Self Service password Reset (SSPR)
  • Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Resource Locks

Hands-on Exercise:

  • Add or delete users using Azure Active Directory
  • Add or delete tenants using Azure Active Directory
  • Create a basic group and add members
  • Applying Resource Locks

Module 10 – Azure Monitoring

  • Azure Monitor
  • Azure Metrics
  • Log Analytics
  • Alerts and actions
  • Application Insights
  • Backup reports
  • Recovery Services Vault
  • Backing Up Azure Virtual Machines
  • VM Backup Policies
  • Restoring Azure Virtual machines,

Hands-on Exercise:

  • configure and interpret azure metrics
  • configure Log Analytics
  • query and analyse logs
  • set up alerts and actions
  • create a Recovery Services Vault
  • Backing up and restoring a Virtual Machine

Microsoft Azure Administrator Training Course Projects

What projects I will be working on this Microsoft Azure 104 training?

Project 1:

Problem: Implementing a new architecture to the company’s website based on the requirements given for application gateway, storage accounts and configuring traffic manager for the same

Topics covered:

  • Azure gateway
  • Azure storage accounts
  • Traffic manager
  • Azure networking
  • Azure blob storage
  • Azure containers

Project highlights:

  • Working and configuring application gateway
  • Configuring storage account to technical specifications
  • Working with blob storage
  • Vnet-vnet peering
  • Distributing traffic across different regions

Project 2: building a dashboard to monitor your company’s website which is running on a web app.

Topics covered:

  • Azure metrics
  • Log analytics
  • Application insights
  • Alerts and actions
  • Azure monitor

Project highlights:

  • Visually correlating trends among various metrics
  • investigate spikes and dips in metric values.
  • Creating a common dashboard for various metrics
  • Raising alerts and performing relevant actions on specified conditions

Case Study 01: Introduction to Cloud computing

  • Problem Statement: Solving the issue of not wanting the corporation’s confidential data on the cloud while migrating to Microsoft Azure
  • Topics: Azure Resource manager, Azure subscriptions


  • Govern all resources separately
  • Tracking cost and billing of each service being used separately
  • Accessing and managing resource groups

Case Study 02: Microsoft Azure Storage

  • Problem Statement: Solving latency issues and difficulty accessing common files and tools
  • Topics: Azure storage account, Azure file share, CDN endpoint


  • Uploading static content to azure storage
  • Creating and configuring a CDN Endpoint to serve the static files that have been uploaded
  • Creating an azure file share and uploading content in it
  • Connecting a Linux and Windows server to the File share

Case Study 03: Azure Virtual Machines

  • Problem Statement: Managing scaling requirements using scale sets and using custom image to create a Virtual machine
  • Topics: Virtual Machines, Custom images


  • Automating the scaling of Virtual Machines as required
  • Deploying multiple identical VMs using custom VM image

Case Study 04: Microsoft Azure networking

  • Problem Statement: Deploy a virtual network with multiple subnets in it and enable the resources within them to communicate privately
  • Topics: Virtual network, Vnet peering


  • Creating a Vnet with subnets and deploying Virtual Machines in it
  • Establishing a connection between these subnets

Case Study 05: Load balancing and Network watcher

  • Problem Statement: Setting up a load balancer and a network watcher in Azure portal
  • Topics: Azure load balancer, Network performance monitor


  • Deploying a load balancer for the backend resources such that a single frontend IP is exposed and all the web servers can be accessed from it
  • Setting up a Network performance manager to generate alerts

Case Study 06: Access management in Azure

  • Problem Statement: Providing access to some of the services managed by your organization’s active directory
  • Topics: Azure Active Directory, Azure Multi-Factor Authentication


  • Adding users in active directory and giving them access
  • Creating users in custom active directory domain and giving them access
  • Setting up a password authentication method
  • Setting up MFA with a verification option

Job Opportunities in Microsoft Azure

It’s an open fact that this is an industry where opportunities are quite plenty. If you have got the right set of skills & qualification, the jobs are waiting for you—now and in the future. To be clearly precise the whole world is facing shortage of skilled experts in this domain & most of the companies are coming forward offering whopping salary packages for the right talented experts who have successfully completed their training certification from a qualified institute. Make the most out of the rising career opportunities in the domain of Microsoft Azure by availing our SacrosTek Systems complete industry concentric Microsoft Azure Online Training certification program

SacrosTek Systems offer certification programs for Microsoft Azure. Certificates are issues on successful completion of the course and the assessment examination. Students are requested to participate in the real-time project program to get first-hand experience on the usage and application of the Microsoft Azure. The real-time projects are designed by our team of industry experts to help students get best possible exposure to the Microsoft Azure and its applications.

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