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ABOUT Oracle GoldenGate Training

Sacrostek Systems is a One of the best quality Oracle GoldenGate Training center for online, Classroom and Corporate trainings In Hyderabad. We bring the best learning experience for both individuals and organisations through our interactive, customized courses to enhance the skills of millions of IT professionals worldwide, by empowering them with right knowledge and certifications, for better careers.

Course Objectives

What are the Course Objectives?

SacrosTek Systems Provides Best Online Software Training Institute in HyderabadBest Software Training Institute in Hyderabad, India and USA. SacrosTek Systems offers Best Oracle GoldenGate Training Institute in Hyderabad from expert trainers with live project and placement assistance.

Oracle GoldenGate Online Training in Hyderabad delivered at our SacrosTek Systems will help the students towards building knowledge of all the inside-out applications of this domain through our well designed course curriculum.

The major set of course objectives of our Oracle GoldenGate Online Training program include

  • Delivering complete overview of Oracle GoldenGate
  • Delivering hands-on knowledge of installing Oracle GoldenGate
  • Exposure towards Oracle Golden Gate technology & architecture
  • Hands-on exposure towards Configuring Change Capture Delivery – With And Without Data Pump
  • Driving knowledge of Oracle GoldenGate Security features
  • Knowledge of Oracle GoldenGate commands
  • Real-time projects & live industry based case studies

Who should go for this Course?

SacrosTek Systems Provides the best Oracle GoldenGate Online Training in Hyderabad Also gave corporate training to different reputed companies. In Oracle GoldenGate training all sessions are teaching with examples and with real time scenarios. We are helping in real time how approach job market, Oracle GoldenGate Resume preparation, Interview point of preparation, how to solve problem in projects in Oracle GoldenGate job environment, information about job market etc. Training also providing classroom Training in Hyderabad and online from anywhere. We provide all recordings for classes, materials, sample resumes, and other important stuff. Oracle GoldenGate Online Training in Hyderabad We provide Oracle GoldenGate online training through worldwide like India, USA, Japan, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Sweden, South Africa, UAE, Russia,  etc. SacrosTek Systems Training providing corporate training worldwide depending on Company requirements with well experience real time experts.

Course Curriculum

Oracle GoldenGate Online Training Modules Overview

Introduction To Oracle GoldenGate

  • Introduction to Oracle GoldenGate
  • Oracle GoldenGate Architecture
  • Understanding Oracle GoldenGate Replication Solutions for Live Reporting, Real-Time Data Warehousing, Live Standby Database, and High Availability.
  • Supported databases and platforms
  • Advantages of Oracle GoldenGate

Installing Oracle GoldenGate

  • Downloading the software
  • Installing Oracle GoldenGate
  • Explaining Subdirectories
  • Enabling supplemental logging

Oracle GoldenGate Technology And Architecture

  • Understanding GoldenGate Components: Processes and Files
  • Process Data Flow
  • GoldenGate Architecture
  • Design Considerations

Configuring & Preparing The Environment

  • Configuring the Manager process
  • Describing the Manager Parameters
  • Starting the Manager process
  • Configuring GLOBALS file
  • Configure Initial Load

Data Definitions File

  • Overview of Data Definitions File
  • When to use Data Definitions Files
  • Types of Data Definitions File
  • Configuring Data Definitions File

Configuring Change Capture Delivery – With And Without Data Pump

  • Preparing a source database for transaction capture
  • Describing the high-level configuration steps
  • Explaining change capture and delivery with a data pump
  • Explaining change capture and delivery without a data pump
  • Comparing batch and online operation
  • Explaining Oracle GoldenGate Checkpoints
  • Describing the Extract process
  • Configuring and starting an Extract process
  • Adding local and remote trails
  • Configuring and starting a data pump
  • Explaining the Replicate process
  • Configuring a Replicate process
  • Starting a Replicate process
  • Describing GGSCI commands
  • Describing Extract trails and files

Configuring Change Capture Delivery – DDL Replication

  • Overview of DDL synchronization
  • Preparing a source database for transaction capture
  • Describing the high-level configuration steps
  • Configuring Extract and Replicate for DDL replication

Oracle GoldenGate Commands

  • Running GoldenGate commands from the GGSCI prompt
  • Running GoldenGate commands from the obey files
  • Running GoldenGate commands from the OS shell
  • Identifying the types of GGSCI commands available

Oracle GoldenGate

  • Managing trail files
  • Automating process startup
  • Using reporting and statistics

GoldenGate Security Features

  • Using message, trail and password encryption
  • Controlling command permissions – CMDSEC file

Advanced Configuration: Mapping And Manipulating Data

  • Overview of data mapping and manipulation
  • Deciding where data mapping and conversion will take place Data Selection and Filtering
  • Data Transformation

Job Opportunities in Oracle GoldenGate

It’s an open fact that this is an industry where opportunities are quite plenty. If you have got the right set of skills & qualification, the jobs are waiting for you—now and in the future. To be clearly precise the whole world is facing shortage of skilled experts in this domain & most of the companies are coming forward offering whopping salary packages for the right talented experts who have successfully completed their training certification from a qualified institute. Make the most out of the rising career opportunities in the domain of Oracle GoldenGate by availing our SacrosTek Systems complete industry concentric Oracle GoldenGate Online Training certification program

SacrosTek Systems offer certification programs for Oracle GoldenGate. Certificates are issues on successful completion of the course and the assessment examination. Students are requested to participate in the real-time project program to get first-hand experience on the usage and application of the Oracle GoldenGate. The real-time projects are designed by our team of industry experts to help students get best possible exposure to the Oracle GoldenGate and its applications.

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