Terms of Use

The information which is related to various online training courses and videos that are available on the website belongs to IT online training. The portal is maintained by Sacrostek Systems. In the below mentioned text, wherever you find the terms of “we”, “us”, “ our” have to be construed that something is being said about Sacrostek Systems. You can be a registered user or just a person who is browsing through the website.
If you’re a child who is under the age of 17 years, and wants to enroll with us, you have to take the help of your parent / guardian. However, you should comply with all our terms and conditions and incase if you fail to comply with them, your parent/ guardian will be held responsible for any damage caused to the organization.
Once you become a registered user and are using our products, we believe that you have read all our terms and conditions and will abide with them. In this perspective, “you” can be replaced with any other user or registered user and company products are those services offered by our site such as videos, online and classroom training and placement support. If you don’t want to abide with the rules set by us, you can just stop using our services.

1. General

The software owned by us on the portal (recorded video sessions, online interactions, etc) will allows you to gain knowledge on various aspects. It will also bring you and the trainer on a single platform wherein you can interact with the trainer to clarify your doubts. You can ask any number of doubts related to the subject and there is no limitation in using our resources or the faculty for gaining knowledge.
The terms and conditions of our services can change at any time and it is not mandatory on our part to inform you the same regarding our changed policies. Sometimes, you might receive notifications regarding changed policies, but you have to understand that you have to regularly review our terms and conditions to stay updated with our changed policies. Continuous usage of our portal will be construed that you have read all the rules and regulations and you will abide with them.
As an online training company, our basic products and services are related to online training. However, we have every right to move into other kind of services too. We usually offer courses which are in good demand in the market and those who don’t want to use our changed services can simply stop using our products and services.
We have all rights in sending emails to you, in case we have observed that you’re breaching the terms related to privacy concerns, security concerns and administration related issues. Once you become a registered user, we automatically get the right to send emails and notifications.

2. Payments & Taxes

You will not be charged for browsing our website or for registering in our website. We have every right to change the course fee at any given time. You don’t have to worry if you have observed the change in the course fee structure. We will charge that extra money only after taking your acceptance in the hiked fee. In-addition, we will not be exclusively informing you about the restructured fee.
You have to make payment by using one of the payment option that is specified on the website. If you’re facing any problem in making the payment or to get confirmed that your payment has reached us, you can contact us either through contact number or email. In-case, if you’re facing a problem in a specific payment method, you can consider using another option to make the payment. You also have the option of visiting our office in Hyderabad and making the payment. We have every right to stop the services incase, if there is any payment due from your side. We also have the right to collect the money from you for the services we have rendered to you and incase due to any reason, if we fail to complete the course, we have every right to collect the money for the service we have rendered.
Taxes are applicable depending on where you reside. If you reside within India, GST Taxes applicable on all Payments as per Government Tax Rates.
In some payments, we may charge the additional convenience fee (3%) for Credit Card usage.

3. Registration Process & Security

To register on our site, login to our portal and fill all the details without missing any mandatory fields. We make sure that the information you have provided to us such as email id and contact number will not be misused and will not be shared with any third party sources. At the best, we might use your contact number / email to contact you for providing information regarding our changed terms and conditions. If you’re still not convinced to provide your contact details, you can refer the privacy policy section to understand how we provide security to your information. Also, the user name and the password which you will receive after registering with us should be kept confidential and you should not share them with anyone, so that your account is not misused. Ensure that you log out of your account after the completion of every session. Also, incase if you observed any security breaches, please bring them to our notice, so that we can take appropriate action.
Only registered users will have full rights in using our products and services. You should not share your credentials with your friends and relatives. For children below 17 years of age, the parent / guardian will be held responsible for any security breaches committed by them. It is the responsibility of the parent / guardian to ensure that the child is not misusing his/her account and is using appropriately.

4. Account Information

At the time of registering with us, you have to make sure that you’re providing the correct information. Incase if the company finds that the information you have provided is wrong, we have every right to cancel your candidature and terminate you from using our services. In-addition, from then on, you will also observe that you will not be able to login to our account and even if you can login, there will be some restrictions in leveraging our products.

5. Privacy

It has been observed that people are afraid of sharing their personal details such as bank details and others. To provide security for the information you’re sharing with us, we have set a private policy, wherein we have clearly mentioned about how we protect the safety of your information. Information such as user related information, product bought by the user, and the contract period within which the course should be completed etc should be kept confidential. While using our services, you have to make sure that you agree to our terms and conditions and at the time of classes, you should never blame or abuse the faculty for whatsoever reasons. Such kind of acts will come under behavior issues and you will be barred from using our services without any intimation. Remember, even an excuse or an additional fee will not be considered in these kind of issues, since they will impact the reputation of the organization.

6. Cancellation Policy

Due to Logistics involved in organizing and conducting trainings, payments made for online Training can not be Refunded. You may request for change of Batch up to 3 months and also request to change the Training course from any of our available course in the site. If in a case, when Trainer is unable to deliver the course due to ill health or other natural reasons, we will enroll you in next upcoming batch without additional fee. We can not refund the fee in any case.

7. Communication

You have to take care of things that are used for communicating with us or accessing our products such as internet connection and telephone lines. You have to make sure that all the software stuff is in place and is good to go for smooth conduct of the classes. At the time of the class, if there any issues in the internet connection or in the telephone line, we are in no way responsible for such issues.
We extensively use internal systems to better our services. Only in very rare cases, there might be chances that you might face technical problems. This may be caused because of a technical problem that has occurred in our hardware or software that is used for communicating with you. We regularly try to improve the effectiveness of our site and add additional features, to make the courses more user friendly. While trying to add new features, you might find some problems such as late responses, difficulty in accessing finance / accounts related information etc. You might also face unexpected and unwarranted disruptions. If a vendor or a user complains about such kind of things, we are in no way responsible to those kind of problems, as they are not in our hands.

8. Content Sharing

Information which has been categorized as public information on the portal can be viewed by anyone. Once you press the submit button after providing the content, users are free to access and download it, but you must refrain from distributing to other parties by means of electronica media like Internet, email. You are prohibited from even modifying the content and distribute or publish as your own.

9. Conduct & Behavior

The information on the portal should be used for the purposes intended for knowledge gaining only. The contact information of the instructor should not be used for carrying out any business with him / her or to recruit him / her in other firms. Before trying to use the information for such kind of aspects, it’s mandatory for you to seek our permission and we have every right to accept or reject such kind of requests. Incase you want to meet the instructor personally, we suggest you to meet him / her in public places only, so that you will not face any problems arising out of such meetings.

10. Disclaimer

You might come across information that is not reliable, accurate and valid on the discussion forums or in the comments. It’s not only difficult but also highly impossible for us to prevent such kind of information entering on to our portal. In-addition, there are also chances that you might come across indecent and offensive information that had been submitted by the users on the blog page. In such cases, you’re indemnifying and asserting that the company will not face any harm, because of such reasons.
If you’re using our services from other nations, you must adhere to all rules and regulations of your country while leveraging our services.

11. Claiming Infringement Process

If you have found that our website content is being used for other purposes or is infringed and if you are claiming for the same, kindly furnish the below mentioned information:
Physical or electronic signature of the concerned person
Description of the work
Description of where and how the material can be located on our website
Your contact details such as email address and contact number to contact you for clarifications on infringement
Adequate proofs to prove your point
Your claim is correct and you have all the rights on the content

12. Indemnification

You should accept and agree in indemnifying as well as standing for our third parties, affiliates, employees, directors, representatives, licensors, attorneys’ fees, course materials, cost incurred, content that has been posted on the websites is not harmful in any way while posting on our website, paying expenses, emailing your concerns and utilizing our products and services, course products as well as breaching our laid terms.
Our company strongly feels that you’re solely responsible for the content you have posted on the website and you have to defend for yourself in case, if a problem araises because of the wrong information or mistakes in the content you have posted.

13. Copyright

According to rights of copyrights, trademarks and other proprietary intellectual, you’re not supposed to make any modifications or changes to the website content and you’re not allowed to use it for personal purposes and should be used only for gaining knowledge. Although you can download the content from the website, you’re not allowed to make changes to it and redistributing to third party by means of any electronic media.
Copyrights are provided for all the courses and the third parties have agreed to give us the copyrights. All the third parties have agreed that there will not be any copyright infringement after the signature they have made. If you come across any copyright infringement on our website, you can send us a detailed email with the supporting information. We will go through your email and will look into the matter and will check whether the copyright infringement has really happened or not, and in case if it is found that it has happened, we will stop giving access to the author. Sacrostek Systems will not take responsibility for posting such information and the author will be solely responsible for providing such false information. You can contact the author for further information, however, contact information of the author will be provided only after we come to the conclusion that the infringement has happened indeed.

14. Redirecting Links

Some of the links that you see on videos uploaded by the vendors or on our course material, might direct you to different pages wherein your system might be attacked by malicious software like virus. You might also see some information which is not correct and can create confusion in you.
Sacrostek Systems can’t be held responsible for clicking on such links and entering into insecure pages. If you’re not able to view the information properly because of clicking on the hyperlinks or downloading malicious software, we are in no way responsible for any interruptions happening while downloading our course material or in availing our portal services.

15. Resolving Disputes

In case if you’re not complying with our rules and if any dispute arises because of it, such kind of things will be dealt with Indian law. All users should therefore accept that the decision of the Indian law is final in such aspects and you should abide to them. Also, you have to report any cases to the court of law for smooth settlement and smooth running of the organization.

16. Services or Agreement Termination

For breaching the company’s terms, policies, laws, products and services, we have all the rights to bar you from utilizing our services without any notice or intimation. Even without proper reason, we have the right to prohibit you from using our services.
Once you’re terminated from using our services, we will destroy all the information related to you and you will not be allowed to access our services. If you have saved any of our data, you should destroy it completely.
If you want to stop using our products and services, you can click on the quit button. If you’re not able to do so, you can write us an email to info@sacrostek.com, for help.

17. Monitoring of Content

The content sent by the user through emails or the one which is posted on the website will be verified by our team members and we might be reviewing it, saving it , re-transmitting it or transcribing the information to cross check whether the information is complying with our rules or not. At times, the content will be cross-checked automatically. If we find that your content is not complying with our rules, we will be stopping posting such content. Queries and concerns on such kind of issues will not be entertained and we have all the rights to browse through and review the content submitted by a user.

18. Personal Information

There might be chances, wherein we will be asking you for the testimonial and with your permission, we will be displaying your photograph along with the write up on our portal, Videos and social Media portals such as You Tube & Face book etc. Your public information on the portal might be used to send unsolicited and promotional messages. We are in no way responsible for the kind of personal information you want to display in the portal.
If you wish to remain anonymous and don’t want your name to be displayed on our portal / social media channels with your testimonials / pictures, you can send us an email to info@sacrostek.com

19. Links & Hyperlinks

We might be having links to various other portals. We are not responsible for the kind of content of those portals and the idea behind providing the links on our portal is to provide relevant information to you. As such, Sacrostek Systems can’t be held responsible for any misguiding information.

20. Training Related

The Course Curriculum you see in the Course page may change time to time to better suit the current software versions. The Demo videos are for demonstration purpose only. We put every effort to make the training conducted by same trainer but due to scheduling conflicts you may be training by other similarly skilled trainers.
We may deploy our own trainers or Partner company trainers to conduct the Training. has partered with other Top companies to deliver best quality training on time, so you may be get trained by best in class trainer and support during and after the completion of training.